Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Here is a new fun Halloween treat! You will need an piping bag with a flat tip to get the strips of the bandages. You can then decide how bundled your mummy should be. I like the light wrapping look with the chocolate cupcake peaking through, but feel free to bundle them up some more! … Continue reading Halloween Mummy Cupcakes


Graveyard Brownies

October is back! This is an exciting month for me as it will be my brother's wedding this year and is the one year mark until my own wedding (lots of celebrating)! BUT it is also the mark of the month of Hallowe'en!!! And with that comes the fun and freaky bakes! I thought I … Continue reading Graveyard Brownies

Spooky Spider Cookies

I saw quite a few versions of Hallowe'en spider cookies, but one concept really stood out to me. This was a peanut butter cookie with a large spider sitting on top. They look awesome when they are complete. I saw some as well that adding chocolate piped legs to chocolate chip cookies to make it look like … Continue reading Spooky Spider Cookies

Wee Merengue Ghosts

I saw this idea online here and thought they would be so fun to make! However I used my own merengue recipe to make them. Merengue is actually quite easy to make, but does require a bit of patience, it need to mix for a long time and it needs to bake for a long time … Continue reading Wee Merengue Ghosts

Pumpkin and Monster Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

I really like making rice krispie treats, but I haven't made them in ages! I kept seeing pictures of these pumpkin and Frankenstein ones on pinterest and thought I would try them. I used a plain recipe for normal rice krispies and then decorated them based on the photos I had seen. I had never made … Continue reading Pumpkin and Monster Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

5 Minute Halloween Treats

I thought it would be fun to make up some very simple halloween treats that would be very easy and fun to make with kids! These all use just some simple sweets from the shop and some quick and easy homemade or store bought icing. I got the recipes from a series of blogs here: … Continue reading 5 Minute Halloween Treats

Hallowe’en Ghost Bark

It is October and that means two things: its time for Thanksgiving and its Hallowe'en!!!!! I am an osteoarchaeologist by day, which means I specialise in the excavation and examination of archaeological human remains, so hallowe'en is one of the favourite holidays in our house! We have already started decorating our house and Max! As … Continue reading Hallowe’en Ghost Bark