Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

It seems like I have really been going crazy for baking with apples this month! Green apples and cinnamon is a very fall flavour to me. So far the bakes I have done have all tasted really nice and this one is definitely a winner too! This recipe was inspired by a blog post, I … Continue reading Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars


Thanksgiving Apple Crumble

This past weekend was Thanksgiving! Just because I live in the UK does not mean I will give up my turkey dinner, so we invited over a big pile of friends and family and had a huge turkey dinner! This also gave me a chance to get the highest level judgement on the 5 minute … Continue reading Thanksgiving Apple Crumble

Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

As promised here are two twists on the simple banana loaf recipe from yesterday. I decided to also do them as muffins, but you can pour the same batter into loaf tins and make them as a normal loaf as well! Hang on until the end because I had never tried the second twist before … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)

The amount of bananas eaten in my household fluctuates a lot and it means that occasionally I am left with very brown unappealing ones sitting in my fruit bowl.ย When bananas get to this point I throw them in the freezer to use for baking (this is a really great trick I will talk more about … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)