Lemon and Berry Naked Cake

I have been seeing pictures of naked cakes everywhere lately (okay, mostly on pinterest), but they are still so pretty! I thought this would be a nice challenging cake to try and finish off in a professional nature. I think it has turned out really well! I also think that this is a really great … Continue reading Lemon and Berry Naked Cake


Day 18: Profiteroles

I really like profiteroles and they are a fun and easy to snack on treat, so I thought these would be a nice new bake to try. I have never made choux pastry before, so this was going to be a fun new challenge. Despite being a bit of a weird bake to try, with … Continue reading Day 18: Profiteroles

Frozen Hot Chocolate

We are getting uncharacteristically warm weather for September in Scotland right now. I was able to walk around all day in a t-shirt without my jacket on! So a cool after-dinner treat seemed like a good idea. I really miss the frozen hot chocolates from Second Cup now that I live out in Scotland, but … Continue reading Frozen Hot Chocolate