Day 21: Christmas Treats for Pups!

I have been so busy baking away for all my human friends and family, I had forgot that I could do some treats for my canine ones as well! These are really simple dog treats that bake up really quick and are an awesome gift for any little puppy dogs that might be in your … Continue reading Day 21: Christmas Treats for Pups!


Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

As promised here are two twists on the simple banana loaf recipe from yesterday. I decided to also do them as muffins, but you can pour the same batter into loaf tins and make them as a normal loaf as well! Hang on until the end because I had never tried the second twist before … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)

The amount of bananas eaten in my household fluctuates a lot and it means that occasionally I am left with very brown unappealing ones sitting in my fruit bowl. When bananas get to this point I throw them in the freezer to use for baking (this is a really great trick I will talk more about … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)