Sweet Almond Twist Bread

So I absolutely had to try this recipe. I love almond croissants and pretty much anything that has almond paste involved and this loaf of bread did not let me down. This is a normal bread loaf with a literal twist. The twisted loaf of bread is very fun to make and is a nice … Continue reading Sweet Almond Twist Bread


Swiss Apple Tart (Apfelwähe)

So it was J's mum's 60th this past weekend and we needed to do some celebrating! Marjo, usually does all the birthday treats for the rest of us and I wanted to make something for her this year. One of her favourite desserts is Swiss Apple Tart and that was her request for her birthday. This … Continue reading Swiss Apple Tart (Apfelwähe)

Day 10: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

So I don't like this recipe very much. I had to do a LOT of troubleshooting from the original recipe to make something that worked out. Just to make it clear, the cookies do taste really nice, but that the shaping and decorating is very fiddly and does not come out looking all that great. … Continue reading Day 10: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies