White Chocolate Mint Slice

I wanted to experiment a bit with tray bakes and came up with this little bake. I really wanted one that had a mint flavour on its own. I am very happy with the results! These are nice and sweet without being overbearing and disappeared from the fridge rather quickly. If you want to try … Continue reading White Chocolate Mint Slice


Mint Chip Fudge

J and I are headed out for holiday soon, but I wanted to do a quick bake before we went. I thought this mint chip fudge would be a great new recipe. It combines some of the nice elements of the Milk and Cookies Fudge and the Mint Chocolate Fudge, into its own simple and … Continue reading Mint Chip Fudge

Malteser Slices

We switched it up a little this week and instead of me doing all the work, I gave instructions and J did the baking! And boy did he do a good job! I've been training for a half marathon and my legs were just too tired after my long run yesterday to walk around afterwards, … Continue reading Malteser Slices

Milk and Cookies Fudge

Just a new quick and easy recipe. This is a nice sweet treat, that is super fun to make. You can also use the no-bake cookie dough recipe for anything else you might want to make! Milk and Cookies Fudge This recipe makes 48 pieces of fudge at 100 calories each. Ingredients: No-bake cookie dough: … Continue reading Milk and Cookies Fudge

Super Easy Baileys Fudge

I designed this recipe from scratch based on my other easy fudge recipes and a challenge from my friend Helen. Helen came up to stay with us in Edinburgh last weekend and I was getting her to try the mint chocolate brownies when she asked if I thought I could make them with a baileys cream inside. … Continue reading Super Easy Baileys Fudge

Day 20: Caramel Corn

I love caramel corn so much!!!!! An old friend of my mum's, Linda, used to always give us a box for Christmas. I would always wind up eating all of it, so she just starting giving me my own box for christmas. After a while, I decided I wanted to learn how to make it … Continue reading Day 20: Caramel Corn

Day 19: Holiday Marshmallow Sticks

J is a very big fan of marshmallows, so I thought I would make this little treat for him. They are great enjoyed on their own, or you could dip them into a nice hot chocolate (maybe with a splash of something extra) and let them melt away! This is such a great last minute … Continue reading Day 19: Holiday Marshmallow Sticks

Day 7: Sour Cream Glazed Doughnuts

Old fashioned sour cream doughnuts and timbits from Tim Hortons are my favourite kind of doughnuts, and not something I get to have very often over here in Scotland. While, not strictly anything to do with holiday, I usually get to have one around Christmas time when we visit my family for the holidays. I … Continue reading Day 7: Sour Cream Glazed Doughnuts

Day 6: Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bites

These are a really fun and easy little christmas treat to make for christmas nibbles. Or you could decorate them and package them up for a yummy edible Christmas gift! I got the idea from here. The pretzel bites take very little time to make, you could probably make them in under a half hour, … Continue reading Day 6: Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Peppermint Mocha Creamer and a Quick December Peek

Good morning all! I have my skating Snoopy socks on, and christmas carols in the background and I thought this would be  a good time to make a proper announcement about what is coming this December. As a countdown to Christmas there are going to be 24 days of holiday-themed recipes! Yep that is right, a … Continue reading Peppermint Mocha Creamer and a Quick December Peek