Inverse Chocolate Chip Cookies

After ploughing through the Brownies I made a few days ago at record speed, we needed another chocolate-based food in the house (this is a van Wessel-Dyer house rule). I thought it would be a good time to try these fun inverse chocolate chip cookies. White chips inside, chocolate outside! They come out nice and … Continue reading Inverse Chocolate Chip Cookies

Birsay Biscuits

In February J and decided to take Max on his first holiday adventure. We hopped in the car and drove up to the far north of Scotland, then Maxxie had his first ever fairy crossing all the way to Orkney! It was such a wonderful holiday and we stayed in these very cute little wooden … Continue reading Birsay Biscuits

Coffee and Cream Cake

It was one of our friend's birthdays this week. She is an absolutely amazing baker and is usually the one baking for everyone else, so I wanted to make her an extra nice cake for her birthday. I did some poking around for ideas and decided to combine some very nice flours to make a … Continue reading Coffee and Cream Cake

Chocolate Cranberry Oat Bars

I always forget how much I like oat bars, but I was trying to come up with something to bake yesterday with the things I already had in by cupboard and I remembered how yummy these can be. This is a really nice healthy recipe with whole meal flour, oat and peanut butter, plus some … Continue reading Chocolate Cranberry Oat Bars

Pink Mocha Macaroons

These are very cute and very yummy little treats and with the pink colour I thought they would be excellent for Valentines Day, although I made them up for a slightly different reason. It was my friend's baby shower this weekend and I made up some little treats to add to the party bags. I … Continue reading Pink Mocha Macaroons

Day 17: Candy Cane Snowball Cookies

This is a really fun recipe to make for a little Christmas nibble. The cookies have a nice texture and the White chocolate and candy cane topping gives the cookies a lovely holiday flavour. The decorating part is very easy and it would be a great thing to do with kids! Candy Cane Snowball Cookies This … Continue reading Day 17: Candy Cane Snowball Cookies

Day 15: Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

I love this sugar cookie recipe. I figured out the recipe while I was making the Halloween Cookies in October and love it so much that I thought I would make it a bit more christmasy. It is such a nice recipe because you really can do whatever you want with it. You can use any … Continue reading Day 15: Candy Cane Sugar Cookies

Day 10: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

So I don't like this recipe very much. I had to do a LOT of troubleshooting from the original recipe to make something that worked out. Just to make it clear, the cookies do taste really nice, but that the shaping and decorating is very fiddly and does not come out looking all that great. … Continue reading Day 10: Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Day 8: Snowmen Truffle Gingersnaps

Day 8 and a really fun bake for you. This is a really yummy ginger snap cookie, just on its own, but I thought it would be a fun one to make a little more special. This is also an awesome recipe to use as a gift, you can place all the dry ingredients in … Continue reading Day 8: Snowmen Truffle Gingersnaps