My names is Meaghan and I am a Canadian living in Scotland. Lately I have been challenging myself to bake new things each week and I thought it would be a fun thing to blog about. I have a very big sweet tooth and have therefore loved baking my whole life…part of this may be because my mother taught me that when fresh cookies break the calories fall out…

I am going to use this blog to record some of my favourite recipes, but also to present new and different recipes that I find along the way. Hopefully this will challenge me to try making some new things and provide a well needed break from working on the PhD I am currently undertaking. I find baking a very relaxing break from my normal work with archaeological human remains, and it produces a much more appetising result than most of my research.

I mentioned that I am Canadian, but live in Scotland. This does play a role in the blog, as it means I use recipes with measurements by volume (cups) and by weight (grams), so I will probably go back and forth between the two (but not within a single recipe). Personally I prefer cups and volume calculations because I can eyeball one cup of anything and frankly I have no idea what 250g of flour is supposed to look like. I also think it makes scaling recipes down and up a lot easier. However, I have lived in the UK long enough to be forced into recipes measured by weight and am learning to be happier with them.

I have been working really hard over the last year to eat healthier, but I believe very strongly that a healthy diet most definitely still includes chocolate cake. As a result I have calculated the calories and nutritional facts about my baking and will try and include them with the recipes. It makes exercising a lot better when you know your half hour run means you can eat three cookies when you get back (yes I know that is probably completely counter productive, but it works for me!).

Hopefully you can find some fun recipes in here and maybe even give me some feedback and new things to try along the way!

Let’s get baking!