Fun and Delicious Marble Cupcakes

This past weekend J ran his first ever marathon. He finished with a time of 3:48 and I am so so so proud of him. I wanted to make him a special treat to celebrate and decided to craft my own marble cupcake recipe! This is a really fun and easy recipe to make some … Continue reading Fun and Delicious Marble Cupcakes


Lemon Squares

It is May and that means its summer for us in Scotland (the whole week of it that we get) and yesterday hit 26 C! So it seemed a good idea to put up a nice delicious summer treat. Lemon makes me think of spring and summer, so I thought Lemon Squares would be an … Continue reading Lemon Squares

Lemon and Berry Naked Cake

I have been seeing pictures of naked cakes everywhere lately (okay, mostly on pinterest), but they are still so pretty! I thought this would be a nice challenging cake to try and finish off in a professional nature. I think it has turned out really well! I also think that this is a really great … Continue reading Lemon and Berry Naked Cake