Frozen Hot Chocolate

We are getting uncharacteristically warm weather for September in Scotland right now. I was able to walk around all day in a t-shirt without my jacket on! So a cool after-dinner treat seemed like a good idea.

I really miss the frozen hot chocolates from Second Cup now that I live out in Scotland, but I found some recipes online that suggested how to make them. I made a few tweaks myself and hopefully other will enjoy them! The recipe only takes about 2 minutes to make and has easy ingredients, so you can throw it together whenever you feel like it.

I will admit this is probably falls no where near being classed as baking, but it was yummy so I did it anyways.

Frozen Hot Chocolates

This recipe makes two fairly well sized drinks, or one very large one!

For one large one it is 319 calories (and would fill one and half pint glasses). For two it would be 160. Not bad for a pretty sweet treat!


*Do note that the photographs show me making a double recipe (so J and I could each have a ridiculously big one to ourselves) and I only took pictures of the two nicely finished ones, but we both had an extra half cup each.


  • 3 hot chocolate packets (or 33g hot chocolate mix -I used the Cadbury highlights ones, but you can use your favorite)
  • 1 cup of milk (I used semi-skimmed or 2%)
  • 1.5 cups ice
  • Whipped cream
    • I made this for ours using icing sugar and double cream


  1. Put hot chocolate mix, milk and ice in a blender and blend.dsc_9511
  2. Pour into a glass.
  3. If you are making whipped cream, place double cream and icing sugar (if you want to sweeten it a little) in a stand mixer and beat with the beater attachment until firm.dsc_9510
  4. Place cream on top of drink.


*If you want a healthier option you can remove the whipped cream too (the drink still tastes great)! We almost never have whipped cream or double cream in the house, but J made tikka masala tonight for dinner (SO GOOD!!!!) and we had some left over double cream, so we could go crazy.

**We didn’t really have anything suitable in the house right now, but you can also add toppings like chocolate sprinkles or caramel sauce if you want! Make whatever you would love!

Enjoy! We certainly did!



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