Brownie Bliss

I took on the brownie challenge one more time and I think I have come pretty close to what I was looking for! I used a combination of alterations to the last recipe and Jamie Oliver's brownie recipe and the results have come out great! If you like cakey brownies then check out my last … Continue reading Brownie Bliss


Garlic Knots

I am a big fan of garlic and especially garlic bread. These knots come out super soft, delicious and easy to tear apart. The recipe is pretty easy to follow, but the dough does need to rest three times so I recommend giving yourself a fair bit of time to make them if you are … Continue reading Garlic Knots

Kinda Fudgey Brownies

While brownies are one of my favourite desserts, they are also one I really struggle to bake. I think this is because, while there are a lot of recipes out there, a lot of them aren't very good. To me a good brownie is very fudgey and not super cakey. That is a personal opinion … Continue reading Kinda Fudgey Brownies

Frozen Hot Chocolate

We are getting uncharacteristically warm weather for September in Scotland right now. I was able to walk around all day in a t-shirt without my jacket on! So a cool after-dinner treat seemed like a good idea. I really miss the frozen hot chocolates from Second Cup now that I live out in Scotland, but … Continue reading Frozen Hot Chocolate

Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

As promised here are two twists on the simple banana loaf recipe from yesterday. I decided to also do them as muffins, but you can pour the same batter into loaf tins and make them as a normal loaf as well! Hang on until the end because I had never tried the second twist before … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 2)

Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)

The amount of bananas eaten in my household fluctuates a lot and it means that occasionally I am left with very brown unappealing ones sitting in my fruit bowl. When bananas get to this point I throw them in the freezer to use for baking (this is a really great trick I will talk more about … Continue reading Banana Bread Three Ways (Part 1)

Oven Fixed!!!

So just a little update to say my oven has been repaired! Yay!!! To celebrate I made a batch of the quadruple chocolate cookies! I am munching on one right now! Yummmmmmmmmm You can find the recipe and blog post about them here:

Vanilla Baileys’ Cup Cakes

As a general rule I am not the biggest fan of store bought cup cakes. I think most of the time they look beautiful, but they usually just don't taste that great. That all ended when I found Bibi's Bakery in Edinburgh! I think most of my friends can attest to how amazing these are and … Continue reading Vanilla Baileys’ Cup Cakes

Grilled Ciabatta Bread…

So yesterday was just one of those days that went wrong. It started with Max catching a mouse before his vaccinations are finished, which involved a panicked phone call to the vet (he will be ok). But it also included the lovely realisation that my oven had broken since sometime the night before. The grill … Continue reading Grilled Ciabatta Bread…