Quadruple Chocolate Cookie Heaven

So I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and that sweet tooth loves chocolate the most. So when I spotted a recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery book for double chocolate cookies that looked nice, I thought I could make a few twists and make it even better! The original recipe made only 12 cookies, but I … Continue reading Quadruple Chocolate Cookie Heaven


Raspberry Pavlova – my first attempt at meringue

Ok, so this was such a super cool way to find what turned out to be an awesome recipe. Jürgen and I were ambling through a second-hand book store a little while ago and I stumbled upon a cook book in there that looked pretty well-loved. I figured that it would mean that the recipes were … Continue reading Raspberry Pavlova – my first attempt at meringue

Canadian Baking!

Hi all! I have had a really nice day today and met a really wonderful Canadian family during one of the university tours I took around campus. The family were so sweet and even gave me a little gift from home (maple butter) that they thought might brighten my day! The family was helping their … Continue reading Canadian Baking!